Rebuilding of a school in VDC Dhading / Kathmandu / Nepal 2017-04-18T11:57:00+02:00

Project Description

School construction after the earthquake in Nepal

Bank details for donations

Blue Diamond Foundation
Credit Suisse, 8070 Zürich
IBAN: CH1704835170048431001
Clearing-Nr.: 4835

The challenge

At this time, 4500 schools and 27,000 classrooms are unusable. Nearly one million pupils cannot receive instruction. A healthy and vibrant economy depends on well-maintained educational institutions. Over the long term, this allows the local economy to recover from catastrophes.

Objective of the project

The focus of the project is to build new schools and provide educational opportunities for local children and youth. Having the opportunity to once again attend a school, no matter what the weather conditions, will allow them to establish a solid foundation for the future.

Project description

The project involves rebuilding of the school complex in VDC Dhading / Kathmandu, Nepal for approximately 250 pupils. This includes construction of the building itself and provision of instructional materials.

Source of funding

Blue Diamond Foundation supports this project with 3000 USD.

All financial resources were provided by private donations.

A letter of intent has been signed with the responsible institutions in order to ensure that our funds go to the right place.

Use of funds

Contributions allow the performance of the following measures:

  • Financing of construction materials
  • Rebuilding of the school
  • Financing of the school infrastructure
    • Benches
    • tables
    • Writing boards
    • Cabinets, etc.
  • Financing of learning materials
    • Schoolbooks
    • Paper
    • Pencils, etc.
  • Transport of materials to the place of use

Project conclusion

The project will be concluded in the third quarter of 2016.

Project Details

Skills Needed: