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Blue Diamond Foundation was founded as a charitable organization with an entrepreneurial character. The Foundation is engaged in social and ecologically sustainable projects around the world. The philosophy behind our projects is to commit the resources at our disposal in a cautious and an appropriate manner.

Blue Diamond Foundation independently devises and executes projects that deal with global issues. It is subject to oversight by the Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs.

Foundation Board

Blue Diamond Foundation Emmanuel Eckert

Emmanuel Eckert


I strive to be a flexible and results-oriented person who takes the initiative and always engages foreign cultures with dignity and respect.

Blue Diamond Foundation Ursa Kübler

Ursa Kübler


My aim is to pass on knowledge and experience and anchor it with those who can use it while focusing on results for the future.

Blue Diamond Foundation Thomas Nohava

Thomas Nohava


For me, Blue Diamond Foundation is an opportunity to personally bring change to the world and improve people’s lives.

Blue Diamond Foundation Jan Bangert

Jan Bangert


To be irreplaceable, make others dependent. But providing effective and sustainable assistance instills independence and removes the need for help.

Blue Diamond Foundation Wolf Kruska

Wolf Kruska


I have been working in a variety of roles, contingents, and levels in international development cooperation since 1994.